A catalog of interactive drawings

An iOS & Android app by Nicolas Tilly

Here is a new kind of digital edition! You have in your hands the notebook of a scientist full of drawings and schemas that seem to evoke planets and their rotations ...

The purpose of this application is to animate drawings and to discover through the application, thourgh an interactive catalog. Drawings are to contemplate, others are small puzzles to solve. The users can capture a snapshot of the moving drawings in the application, and share them via social media and start collaborative stories using the hashtag: #lesforceselementaires. The application will be updated regularly to add new drawings.

Tout ce qu'on rêve est fiction et tout ce qu'on accomplit est science, toute l'histoire de l'humanité n'est rien d'autre que de la science-fiction.

Ray Bradbury


Nicolas Tilly is an interactive designer. He teaches at the School of Art and Design in Orleans and runs EVB Studio, an agency specialized in digital experiences. Within the studio he develops a media, Bug Magazine, which explores digital practices, its cultures, its actors and its communities.

iOS & Android

The app will be released on iOS and Android in 2018.

It will be compatible with recent devices and will support iOS 8 or higher.

Design, programming and soundtrack: Nicolas Tilly.





Edited by EVB Studio

(Visuals in progress.)

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